Cadillac Is Considering Its Most Baller Escalade Ever

Ah the Cadillac Escalade, enjoyed by rappers, old people and trust-funders everywhere.

Even though it’s basically just a Chevy/GMC truck underneath, the latest Caddy SUB starts at $72,970 and with options, will set you back a whopping $96,940.

And yet, word around the water-cooler is that Cadillac is entertaining the idea of introducing an even more upscale version. Although we can’t figure out for the life of us what they’d add, and we’re willing to bet that Cadillac themselves haven’t quite decided either.

But it only seems natural for Cadillac to try and keep up with other luxury brands, which are just now getting into the SUVs for the 1% market.

Bentley just launched their SUV, the Bentayga (whatever that means), and Aston Martin, Jaguar, Lamborghini and Maserati are promising to launch their new SUVs within the next few years.

Photo source: Pinterest

Combine that with Mercedes and Land Rover offering more and more senselessly expensive offerings, and it’s no wonder Cadillac sees even more of an opportunity to snatch money away from people who care, not at all, about how they spend it.

Still one has to wonder just what they’d add to the Escalade to up the price tag. I suppose the obvious thing would be to slap V or Vsport badge on it and offer a ballistic supercharged V-8 like the CTS-V.

Although even as a horsepower enthusiast (yes, that’s how I’d describe myself), I really hope they don’t go that route. Big horsepower SUVs are, for the most part, pointless.

If you’ve got a Range Rover that you’re legitimately going to off road, hey, sky’s the limit. But you don’t off-road an Escalade. You roll, you cruise, you take your snooty, over privileged kids to soccer practice or whatever.

A bigger engine in an Escalade is like adding Red Bull to a glass of wine.

But that’s just this opinionated writer’s thoughts. What do you think?