Mercedes-Benz C63 Black Series Proves to be a Show Stealer

When you look at a car, what are some of the things which make you go ooh-la-la? Do the specs of the car make your eyes somersault within their sockets? Whatever said and done, if you are an avid car fan, then you will definitely find something to appease your brains. The hotter the specs, the better would be the brain’s response to the whole layout of the car.

One such car which has taken the world by storm is the Mercedes-Benz C63 Black Series. With specs as dynamic as its name, the car’s supersonic design, world class technology and high level of driving dynamics will keep your mind swooning and wanting more. If you are attending a car show and you come across the latest 2016 model, you too would realize the true potential of this magnificent car.

Photo source: Pinterest

“Is the Mercedes-Benz C63 Black Series a cool car?”

For the car aficionados, the specifications are what maketh a car. Ask any car expert about the authenticity of the car series and rest assured that they will not answer back; instead they will launch into a tirade of the car’s uber cool facts, as they unravel each facet of the car with care and possessiveness.

  • The car’s mechanical layout makes it the perfect model in the Black Series launched by Mercedes Benz. Being a two door, with a front mounted engine and a rear wheel drive, the C63 still remains to be the proud owner of an aspirated 6.2-litre V8 engine. The nature of the engine complements the car’s overall stiff design, fitting it like a hand in a glove.
  • The engine’s review definitely commands respect, especially, when it comes to the tuning and the power which revs up the engine’s real beast mode. Powered with 510 bhp and 457lb of torque, and geared up to cover a maximum engine speed of 6700 rpm, there are a lot of expectations from this car series.
  • The radiators are bigger than some of its counterparts; the car looks like it possesses a pair of nostrils, which will blow steam, as soon as you rev up the engine and start accelerating. With a flared body and a sculpted set of radiators, there is a lot of air which can pass through and through, thereby taking care of any issues which might erupt during the driving session.
  • Some points which really stand out are the car’s convincing straight line speed, the in-control rear drive handling along with the perfect touring manners, as it zooms on the road. As soon you are cruising along the streets, you will realize the C63 makes a lot of heads turn, as people shower adulation and envy on the car’s interiors and exteriors.

The Verdict

The truly insane part of the car needs to be unleashed within the hood. Like a normal racing car, the car’s specs are designed to set the race track on fire. As per its manufacturers, the car owns a capacity to cover 0 to 60 mph within 4.2 seconds flat. The engine has a capacity to deliver a power speed of 186 mph; all the other things are somewhat similar to the patented Mercedes cars. No clutch pedal, a larger transmission cooler, and bigger brake rotors in the front and the back complete the car’s layout.

In order to maintain its class, the Mercedes-Benz C63 Black Series has been built for the elite. Like some of its machine parts, the car itself is a unique model, and is going to make you turn more than your head around, as soon as it passes you by.